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The mission of Odd Man Inn is to show compassion for all living things. We help animals who are either out of options, extremely difficult to rehome, or in situations where they are receiving substandard care. We rehabilitate and socialize those animals into our family and work to find them forever homes. By adopting out these animals, we make room to help more in need.

We seek members and adoptive families to work in partnership with us for the mission of helping adult animals in need.

We educate on the epidemic of farm animals being bought as babies and outgrowing their homes.

We believe medical care is a right for all animals, and a good portion of our rehabilitation budget goes towards that on the intake of any animals.

We believe that taking responsibility for an animal is a lifelong commitment that should not be taken lightly, and we believe all living things deserve respect.

About Us

Odd Man Inn Animal Refuge was started in 2015 when we moved from Portland, OR to the more rural Columbia River Gorge of Washington. While in Portland, we adopted a dog from a no-kill shelter with a bite history.  We named him Roswell. We struggled for over a year to safely manage his behavior, and ultimately felt a farm was our last chance to help him. Roswell thrives in a home where he is safe from strangers and public outings. He is relaxed and happy on his 4 acre paradise. He lives safely amongst the animals that call this their home.

We began taking other animals in need of a home and tried to find those that were out of options. Chickens of divorce. Geese that dared to bite a naughty grandchild. A llama seized by the state for starvation and neglect. Goats who were cast aside for other pursuits. Pigs that were literally found wandering the street or had physically outgrown their homes.

We are now a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit (EIN 81-0880635) home to over 115 rescued animals, most of whom would make a lovely addition to families with a little love to spare. Our hope is that in considering backyard friends for your own little farm, you will consider the multitudes of adult animals in need of homes, and help them find some space where they can live in peace.

Some of our animals have suffered abuse and neglect. Some have outlived their “usefulness” to their people. Some have lost their homes because of relocation or change in life circumstances. We help animals rehabilitate and socialize to become part of a family. We provide medical care, good food, housing, and love. Our hope is that we are a springboard for most of them to find forever homes.


Josh has a passion for creating and building…. And for animals!!! Born in rural Bucksport, Maine. Graduate from Embry Riddle with a degree in Aeronautical Science. Former yacht engineer. Long-term advocate for equal rights for every living thing. Josh is the farm dad, the chief engineer, the construction foreman, plumber, electrician, marketing guru, pooper scooper, car mechanic, and head custodian at Odd Man Inn. The jobs are endless, so thankfully he’s a tireless worker with a positive attitude and can-do energy.

Wendy is a city kid from New Orleans, LA who always had a passion for animals and for doing good things. Almost 20 years as a full time nurse makes for a life IMMERSED in caregiving and nurturing, both on and off the refuge. Having no experience with farmed animals has been a steep learning curve, but the learning is a labor of love. Wendy is a military veteran, having served in the Air Force with war time deployment. She is the farm mom and nurse, the construction crew, the detail and planning person, the chief of communications, the social media manager, the head of snuggling and cuddling, the accountant, the secretary, the records keeper, and the public relations coordinator.