About Us


Odd Man Inn is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit farm animal shelter. We help animals that have suffered abuse and neglect, outlived their “usefulness”, or have simply outgrown their home. We rescue, rehabilitate, and find adoptive families who will allow them to live a natural life of peace and safety.

We are proud members of the Best Friends Animal Society Partner Network.


We adopted Roswell from a no-kill shelter in 2013 knowing he had a serious bite history and fear-based aggression. He changed the course of our lives. After a year of professional help, the recommendation was euthanasia. Roswell was out of options. Instead, we bought a small piece of property and moved him to safety. Because we had the space, we began helping discarded farm animals and discovered there was a genuine need in the community. We officially started Odd Man Inn Animal Refuge in December 2015. We now rescue and rehome farm animals in need while Roswell lives his own life of peace at the refuge.

Finding homes for barnyard animals where they are not at risk for being consumed has become the heart of our organization. Sending them out to families who will love them means we can make room to help more animals in need. It also gives them the opportunity to make a greater impact in the community in the fight for animal rights and equality.

We believe everyone deserves a forever home.




We provide education through hands-on tours of the refuge, community service work, volunteer projects, and summer camp partnerships with local youth organizations and animal shelters.



We serve our community by filling the gap where traditional shelters struggle to provide appropriate housing for farm animals in need. We work with animal control offices and local shelters to give these displaced animals a safe and respectful place to reside so they can meet the public for adoption.



We promote a life of compassion for all living things. We are a vegan animal sanctuary that works towards a world where no living creatures are exposed to the horrors of exploitation and abuse.