Our animal residents live as members of our family at Odd Man Inn. Once they are medically stable and adequately socialized, some of these animals are ready to join another family. Finding room in your home to adopt one of our residents allows us to make room for other animals in need. We need your partnership to make a difference!

We believe that all animals seek the companionship of their own kind, so we prefer to adopt animals out to homes that already house one of their species, or along with another resident at Odd Man Inn.  In addition, we never break up families or close buddies. Adoptions require an application and a meetup to make sure we’re setting up a win-win situation.

In order to help us continue the work of helping animals in need, we charge a modest adoption fee when your application is approved. The application process is partly to help us get an idea of what sort of animal you are looking to add to your family, but also to help you think through the process of giving an animal a forever home. These are the same questions we think about in regards to ourselves when we take in animals onto the refuge.  All adoption fees go back into the animal refuge.

Some of our residents have already found their forever home at Odd Man Inn, and are not available for adoption. You can read their stories on our animal residents page.

Interested in sponsoring an animal? Sponsorships make great gifts and they really help our mission!

You can sponsor any animal resident and receive photos and updates on their adventures at the inn. Sponsor an animal today!

Available For Adoption