About Our Residents

One of the most unique aspects of Odd Man Inn is that our animals live truly free-range in the company of one another, only fenced on the perimeter of the property. That means dogs snuggle pigs, llamas befriend baby sheep, and goats hang with chickens. We have very minimal interior fencing, which means there is a fine balance of harmony that is always considered. Also, we treat our animals as members of the family, so it’s not uncommon to have four pigs, three dogs, and a chicken relaxing in the living room at any given time.

Our place is a bustling hive of reclaimed materials and use of tiny spaces.  We have a small clinic in one area of our house that serves as the medical treatment area. We build animal houses and shelters around the property out of reclaimed materials, which we design and maintain ourselves. We recycle every scrap we can, and we feed our animals with mostly culled fruits and veggies from our local produce stores, who we work closely with to keep waste out of the landfills.

The animal residents at Odd Man Inn come from a variety of backgrounds. Some have suffered abuse and neglect. Some have lost their homes due to a change in circumstances. Some have literally outgrown their families. Many of our residents come to us in need of medical care and socialization before being considered for adoption out to a forever family. The ones that are not ready for adoption find a family here with us.