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We’re running Hood to Coast:

The world’s LARGEST relay race!!!

We’ve assembled a team of 12 to run 199 miles from Mt. Hood to the Oregon coast in less than 36 hours! This fundraiser event is a grassroots campaign to help Odd Man Inn purchase it’s first ever used TRACTOR so we can stop breaking our backs with shovels and pitchforks!!

Each of the 12 runners is representing a present or past animal resident of the refuge.

  1. Select your chosen runner and animal representative
  2. Select your donation level and package
  3. Choose additional custom OMI/HTC tee shirts

Custom race day tees will be delivered in your very own “race day” packet the week of HTC as you cheer us on!!!

To date, we have raised $1,483.00 of the $5,000.00 total we hope to gather for our new tractor.

We appreciate all your support!!

Funds Raised So Far

Runner – AnimalTotal Raised
Terra – Eppah$55.00
Eryn – Gomez$160.00
Shannon – Coco$120.00
Thomas – Kingpin$0.00
Haydee – Josephine$0.00
Amy – Romanov$428.00
Wendy – Meatloaf$10.00
Alena – Olive$30.00
Patrick – Lightbulb$120.00
Jenny – Penelope$0.00
Ben – Junebug$50.00
Sarah – Peaches$90.00
Julie – Ruthie$0.00
Heather – Peanut$0.00
April – Grace$420.00