Solsbury Hill Windchimes


Add a donation to your order towards the wind chime memorial at Odd Man Inn.

We’re naming this space “Solsbury Hill” and adding a beautiful wind chime with a stamped metal nameplate in honor of those we’ve loved and lost.

Your donation added on to your order in any amount helps us purchase the wind chimes and the personalized nameplates (from Christine @love_and_liberation)

Wind chime in photo is in honor of 16 year old Rita who spent her entire life on this property in Tennessee. We sadly lost her in July 2021, but her memory will serve as the inspiration for the start of Solsbury Hill at Odd Man Inn. Each wind chime will be unique and personal.


Why Solsbury Hill? The inspiration is the classic lovely song by Peter Gabriel that says, “Grab your things. I’ve come to take you home.”


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