Coco the pig came to Odd Man Inn after being abandoned by her family. A nice man agreed to pig-sit her for 30 days, and her people never came back. He was ill equipped to care for her long term and asked if we would help. Coco was our FOURTH pig, so we were feeling a little reluctant to take on another, but that would have been a huge mistake. Coco was immediately affectionate and gentle with everyone she met. She’s obviously known people and kindness in her 4 year history, so she was an easy addition to our family.

Within a week, Coco made it known she prefers to sleep inside rather than outside…. And we found her asleep in our bedroom closet amongst a pile of laundry. She still sleeps there today, though we have blankets and pillows (and an occasional sock or two). She is mild mannered and people friendly to everyone who visits the refuge. Though we believe most pigs need other pig friends to help them socialize properly, Coco would be a rare exception. She prefers to do her own thing and doesn’t seem to gravitate to the company of other pigs. She would do well in a home that has other animals for company, though she’s not interested in being harassed by other animals. She needs a home that will allow her indoor access for sleeping. She struggles a little with her weight (as most pigs do) so she needs a home that will continue to help her with the lifelong quest to fit into skinny jeans.

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