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Meet Winona!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Female


Even when an animal is lucky enough to land in sanctuary, they still find themselves vulnerable if a succession plan has not been put into place. “NoNo” lost her home a few years ago when her Washington sanctuary closed down due to the sudden death of one of the Founders. OMI helped emergently provide care for their animals, including medical transport for spays and rehoming. Nono was one of the last girls left, and she didn’t have a place to go… and so we took her in. 

She’s one of our eldest gals, but still sassy and opinionated! She loves to eat… loves to swamp… loves her pig friends. She currently sleeps with Eppah, Frances, and Ziggy, but she’s a confident pig who makes friends wherever she goes. NoNo’s life has been beautifully diverse and interesting, but the consistency in caregiving OMI has been able to provide her has been the key factor for her. She trusts that her needs will be met by all of us, which is a beautiful compliment to us all. 

Prey animals, like pigs, thrive on routine and consistency. Their brains and their bodies are geared specifically for survival, which means they can only relax when they feel their survival is not in danger. Earning the trust of a prey animal is the highest of compliments in the world of animal caregiving, and we’re very proud to have created a truly safe space here for our residents.