2nd Annual SWAMP PLUNGE with a HUGE $50K donor match!!!

Choose one of our CREATIVE ways to connect with the animals and help us meet the goal!

Swamp Plunge

How does it work?

From November 25th-December 31st, we have a private donor match of up to FIFTY thousand dollars! Shop our special edition holiday store offerings to help us meet the goal!

January 1st… join us for our celebratory SWAMP PLUNGE floatie race in the BIG swamp at Odd Man Inn.

There are SO MANY ways to help us achieve this goal!!!

How Can I Help???

Choose from a variety of CREATIVE holiday offerings

Virtual Adoption

Choose your favorite animal resident and receive a private holiday video message that you can share. We’ll customize the message for your chosen recipient including a tour of their specific house and “Bus Stop”. We’ll tell their story and introduce you to their family!

“ADOPT” the animal resident of your CHOICE (but if you choose Big Boss Charity, there will need to be some safety measures implemented in the filming of a video message!)

Facetime with Frances

Limited offering of actual live video chats with Frances! Each video chat will help us meet our donor match goal and land us in the SWAMP on New Years’ Day!

When you purchase your video chat, you’ll receive an email to schedule your chat with Frances! Schedule this for your whole family as a holiday treat.

LIMITED OFFERING…only 40 chats available

Poorly Painted Pig

Our crew will lovingly hand-paint the animal resident of your choice! Excellent gift for the holidays that also supports the animal residents (and helps us meet our donor match goal!)

LIMITED OFFERING…only 40 Poorly Painted Pigs available!

Private Melvin's Mail

PRIVATE video chat with our resident earless tripod potbelly! When you choose to help us meet our donor match with this offering, we will contact you to schedule a time. This is a great gift idea that you can share with your whole family.

LIMITED OFFERING…. Melvin is only accepting 20 appointments this holiday season!

Sponsor a "Bus Stop"

Sponsor a feed trough for the winter season! We’ll attach your name to the “bus stop” to be lovingly booped at meal times all the way until March the 1st! At the end of the winter season, the nameplate is sent to you as a “thank you” card from the pigs!

We’re currently using over 3 TONS of pig grain per week, which gets distributed onto 72 feed stations twice a day. The pigs choose their favorite feed station, and wait at them like a “bus stop”. Your sponsorship of a bus stop helps us pay for their extra feed expenses through the winter!

**Note: wood plaques are hand drawn on recycled scrap wood from the property in order to minimize expense and disruption to the actual feed stations. Your plaque will live out WITH THE PIGS for the whole season, and we’ll send it to you with all of the authentic schmutz from the winter!

(Pro tip: Go in with friends to sponsor a feed station and customize your commemorative wooden plaque! Just leave a note in the comments at checkout.)

LIMITED OFFERING…only 72 available for Winter

RAFFLE Tickets for Frances Art

Every $5 ticket enters you to win a beautiful art piece of Frances! Drawing on Saturday December 31st.

Every purchase of this offering helps us meet our $50K holiday donor match. Join us on January 1st for the SWAMP PLUNGE Floatie Race!!!

**Custom wood-burning by Jenny Armstrong of DK Designs in Washougal, WA

Postcard from Popcorn

Get a beautiful personalized postcard from Popcorn sent in the mail with a note of holiday cheer and gratitude for your support of our SWAMP PLUNGE donor match!

Every purchase of this offering helps us meet our $50K holiday donor match. Join us on January 1st for the SWAMP PLUNGE Floatie Race!!!

Letter from Clemmie

Get an autographed letter from Odd Man Inn’s cutest babydoll sheep! While Clemmie does NOT enjoy human touch very much, she would be happy to send you a beautiful photo card with a holiday note of gratitude.

Every purchase of this offering helps us meet our $50K holiday donor match. Join us on January 1st for the SWAMP PLUNGE Floatie Race!!!

Big Boss Charity

Why is this so important?

From now until December 31st, we have the chance to raise a total of $100K for the animal residents of Odd Man Inn. These funds will cover some very critical needs in all of our departments:

  • All 25 remaining pig spays will be FUNDED!!!
  • Winter housing expenses restored into our emergency funds
  • Construction for awnings can be planned
  • Recent construction equipment purchases covered
  • Additional winter pig grain expenses PAID!

The Backstory

In April 2021, Odd Man Inn purchased a 93-acre property in Jamestown, TN and accepted the surrender of nearly 160 pigs in need of caregivers. We moved our full operation and all of our animal residents from Washington state in order to help the Tennessee herd.

This is a LONG-term project that requires incredible tenacity and commitment on our part. Would you help us?