Yes. We reserve a time special for your family so we may introduce you to our residents and tell you their stories. Please see the calendar for availability. If you are planning to bring a larger group please contact us directly for planning.

We like to think of the tour as our way of introducing you to our animal friends, so yes. Our animals live free range, and we know their behaviors, so it’s also a safety measure to make sure the group is small and your family is supervised while you visit.

Depending on how long you want to snuggle with Peaches the Llama, the tour is usually around 90 minutes.

You will be taken from house to house and see the favorite hangouts of the animal residents. If they’re in the mood, we will get to pet the animals. This is helpful to us because it reinforces to them that people are not going to hurt them. We’ll tell their rescue stories and also talk about the situations that have led them to need a home. Odd Man Inn has a strong educational mission and during the tours we are very frank and don’t sugar-coat the realities of modern animal agriculture and the effects of irresponsible animal stewardship.

A visit to the refuge is appropriate for children. They will get to meet all sorts of animals, and many enjoy being touched or scratched. It is an environment of respect and compassion and there are no graphic pictures. We do discuss in detail where these animals and those just like them originally came from, and we do not shy away from pointing out that a pig like Gracie would have been the source of bacon and ham.

We ask that you arrive on time since we have two tours to get through while also doing the chores of feeding and cleaning. If you cannot make it on time, we can always reschedule.

Please visit our Contact Us page for driving directions.

Many of our animals are on special diets, so please do not feed any food to the animals at the refuge. If appropriate, we will try to allow for a little snack time at the end of our tour.

For the safety and security of our rescued animals here, dogs are not allowed, and you may not leave your dog in your vehicle.

Registered service animals are the only exception to this rule.

If you are willing to work beside us as a volunteer on a different day, we can make exceptions depending on the work we have going on. Please contact us directly for special accommodations.

We do not currently have accommodations on site.

You can bring brown bag lunch and/or snacks, and a water bottle. We have picnic tables on site, but remember the animals are loose on the property – it’s hard to keep them out of your salad! We respectfully request that you honor the nature of the refuge by packing a vegetarian or vegan lunch out of respect for our friends.

We are not currently set up to serve any sort of food or drinks, but we’re working on it!

Please wear closed toe shoes no matter the weather.  Goats occasionally get close enough to step on your little piggies.  Dress in layers and wear things that can get dirty…. you’re gonna want to get close!!!