Meet Team OMI

Our team is committed to providing lifelong “Sanctuary Care” for our animal residents, which includes:

  • Excellent quality feed supervised by an animal nutritionist
  • Sturdy, comfortable housing
  • Professional veterinary care with consistent healthcare follow-up
  • Routine vaccinations and parasite management
  • Spaying and neutering all animal residents
  • Consistent and proficient daily animal caregivers
  • Calm, peaceful surroundings with minimal disruptions
  • Natural settings that provide enrichment fueled by choice
  • Family-centered animal housing accommodations
  • Elder care focused on quality of life and providing maximal comfort
  • Facility services delivered straight to their doorsteps

volunteer Board of directors

Jacklyn Lahav


  • Health Information Management Specialist at OMI
  • Certified Nurse Midwife
  • OMI Director
  • Vegan business owner and manufacturer
  • Home base: Brooklyn, NY

Pamela Maciel Cabañas

Vice President

  • OMI Administrative and succession planning specialist
  • Wildlife biologist with emphasis in wolf conservation and thriving coexistence of humans and wildlife
  • Sanctuary Manager at Wolf Haven International
  • Home base: Pacific Northwest

Michael Pearce


  • Data Scientist with Physics PhD
  • OMI Sustainability and Technology Coordinator
  • Veganic-gardening and rewilding enthusiast
  • Home base: Pacific Northwest
Susann Sullivan-Aden is on the Volunteer Board of Directors of Odd Man Inn Animal Refuge.

Susann Sullivan-Aden


  • Marketing and Communications professional
  • Community Volunteer
  • Former farm kid
  • Pig and Cat enthusiast
  • Home base: St. Louis, MO

Varun Rathi


  • Marketing professional
  • Communications and Development Manager
  • Native ecology and rewilding enthusiast
  • Home base: Pacific Northwest


Wendy Smith

Co-Founder and Executive Director

  • USAF Military Veteran and Registered Nurse 20+ years
  • OMI Director of Communications and Marketing
  • Farm Mom and full-time OMI volunteer caregiver
  • Home base: Jamestown, TN

Joshua Smith

Co-Founder and Facilities Manager

  • Graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • OMI Facilities Manager and Director of Corporate Relations
  • Farm Dad and full-time OMI volunteer caregiver
  • Home base: Jamestown, TN

Daniel Singleton

Animal Care Manager

  • Seasoned animal sanctuary professional
  • Dedicated to science-based care
  • Lover of all things neat and organized
  • Driven to maintain animal health in the sanctuary environment
  • Home base: Jamestown, TN


Animal Caregiver

  • Pacific Northwest native
  • Passionate plant enthusiast
  • Master of the OMI Secret Snack Garden
  • Former farm kid
  • Home base: Jamestown, TN

Anita Goff

Executive Assitant

  • Highly experienced customer service professional
  • Keeper of ALL spreadsheets
  • Cat mom, passionate about rescue and TNR
  • Former farm kid
  • Home base: Thurmont, Maryland



Senior Volunteer Caregiver

  • Tennessee native
  • Cumberland Co. High School teacher
  • Cheer captain of the Volunteer Crew
  • Forager, baker, singer, brewmaster

Veena Rathi

Store Operations & Management

  • Retired Business Professional
  • OMI Store Manager
  • Passionate about veganism, animal rights, environmental sustainability, and plant-based home cooking.
  • Home base: Pacific Northwest

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