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A Medical Care Crew membership on Patreon gives you a behind-the-scenes look at our medical cases and new rescues. You are part of a team of people working to advance medical care and sanctuary for pigs and other farmed animals.

The medical care of an aging herd of animals is highly challenging. We spend a LARGE portion of every day running what feels like a hospital ward for rescued animals. This includes:

  • Meds
  • Laser therapy
  • Physical therapy
  • Bandage changes
  • Wound care
  • Lifting elders who get stuck on occasion
  • Watching for limps and injuries
  • Assessing quality of life

The medical department at Odd Man Inn is a small team of people on the ground, and we cannot do this without your financial support. Thank you for being part of the team.

Your pledge of ANY amount is making a very serious difference in the lives of these animals…. many of whom would never in a million years be afforded the luxury of first class veterinary care for something as simple as a wounded foot that CAN be fixed for them.

As part of the Medical Care Team you get behind-the-scenes access to the work you help support

Medical Interventions

Veterinary Advances

Rescue Details

Help Advance Medical Care for Large Farm Animals

Odd Man Inn is leading the charge on two studies to advance healthcare for pigs. The first study is OMI-specific in documenting the importance of spays for female pigs by scientifically documenting the enormous amount of data we’ve collected by spaying the nearly 60 females we accepted when we took over in Tennessee.

The second study is one we were invited to join that is defining normal reference ranges for abdominal fluid in pigs, of which there are none! The study aims to “help veterinarians interpret fluid analysis results from sick pigs.”

It’s a huge deal to have found PARTNERS at the University of Tennessee to help us in our quest to improve healthcare for farmed animals, and we’re part of that team because of YOU!

Support our mission to make Sanctuary Babe Life a reality for them all.

Please consider joining our team for just $1/month.