The Sanctuary

Quick Facts

acres of semi forested land and pasture
~ 0
verified Sanctuary Babes
domestic species of rescued animals
~ 0
0 +
breeds of pigs, including former ferals
~ 0 lbs.
largest pig
~ 0 lbs.
smallest pig
tripod pigs: Eppah, Melvin and TN Yoda!

The Lay of the Land

  • Medical barnyard with separate recovery barn for pigs with special housing needs
  • 12-acre separate cow pasture with large barn
  • Goat pasture with wooded area for browsing
  • Mini-OMI private pasture for special needs
  • Littles’ Yard for our smallest residents and the Secret Snack Garden
  • GenPop pastures are approximately 40 acres and used for a majority of the largest pigs

We feed 2.5 to 3.5 tons of pig grain a week...

Daily feeding of the animals includes species appropriate grain, local grass hay, and fresh produce where appropriate.

With so many pigs on the property, our biggest expense is the 2.5-3.5 TONS of grain we feed each week, which is a custom blend produced by our local feed mill. The amount we need to feed fluctuates based on what Mother Nature also provides them on our pastures, which we seed each year based on their nutritional needs.

...and deliver approximately 600 gallons of fresh water daily.

Sanctuary Babe Life is not complete without an abundance of clean, fresh water. Not only do we deliver fresh water across the sanctuary for drinking, we also fill the wallows to make sure swampin’ continues without interruption for the pigs!

Every day we....

Deliver Med Sammies & Secret Snacks

Administer meds and do Nurse Visits

Trim some hooves & tusks

Not Just Farmed Animals

As it is our vision to see a world where all species are valued and protected, the buffer of land around the domestic part of the sanctuary serves as a space where wild animals live without fear of human destruction.

We allow that space for deer, skunks, opossums, snakes, and the occasional black bear. We also routinely see families of turkeys, rabbits, and resident killdeer safely raising their young.

Since our arrival in TN in April 2021, we have...

  • Spayed 40 female pigs from the Tennessee herd. We have just 16 eligible candidates left to spay now!
  • Provided healthcare and safety for over 40 stray and unaltered cats in our community
  • Built more than 2 miles of access roads to the property in order to be able to provide services
  • Added 12 different housing barns for the animals
  • Created safe procedures for animal healthcare, transport, and medical recovery
  • Defined a safe wildlife corridor around the perimeter of the property

Support our mission to make Sanctuary Babe Life a reality for them all.

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