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We Need your help to

Get OMI out of the Sketchy House!

OMI has spent the last 31 months in rural Tennessee, getting the healthcare and animal care infrastructure up to standards for the 159 pigs surrendered to us on April 1, 2021. This has included:

  • Constant triage of medical conditions for an aging herd
  • 54 spays, which now has our herd FULLY spayed!
  • 13 new animal housing structures including a cow barn and a medical recovery barn
  • 2.5 miles of gravel access roads
  • Endless fencing projects
  • Trailering animals 100 miles one way for all of their care at the University of Tennessee
  • Appropriate access to water, food, and shelter in each of the TEN neighborhoods
  • Designation as a Certified Wildlife Habitat on the state and federal level
  • Constant improvements to animal housing, including safe quarantine for new intakes, an enormous awning project on 13 pig houses
  • A never-ending cycle of exceptional animal care standards performed by skilled caregivers

Will you help OMI get out of the Sketchy House”?

We first want to THANK you for your support of Odd Man Inn. Since our very modest start in 2014 in Washington State, we have been focused on a path to help the organization outlive us for many generations. Moving to Tennessee meant we had to stretch our belief in the mission and in our supporters to help us push through this very difficult few years of growth. YOU have come through in every possible way. We are still here doing this work because of you.

After 2.5 years of tolerating a facility in desperate need of replacement, we are ready to start PHASE ONE of “Get OMI out of the Sketchy House”!

Phase ONE: Build a "Bridge"

In order to get out of the current “Sketchy House” on the property, we need a safe temporary space for animal caregiver headquarters and administration. We are raising funds to help support our very methodical steps in this process, while continuing to provide the animals with every possible thing they need.

  1. Site prep for a temporary work space at the entrance to the property
  2. Run water, electric, and septic to new site
  3. Bring in a 12”x30” professionally constructed tiny house that will be repurposed into guest rental space or animal caregiver housing.

This project is immediately underway to ensure we have a safe space for animal caregivers to work in the winter.

WHY? The current house on the property has been at risk of collapse since we assumed guardianship in 2021. We have managed the space as safely as possible in order to prioritize the needs of the animals. With all of our spays completed, we are ready to fix this issue!

A Tour of the Tiny House

Here's What Happens after Phase ONE...

We need YOUR support!

Your support of our mission has led to some very incredible results since 2014. We have supporters and donors in over 20 countries. You are part of a team of humans who believe that if we each contribute a little, together, we can do beautiful things for the animals who need our help.

As we close out the year, can you spare a little good fortune to help us with PHASE ONE of “Get OMI out of the Sketchy House”?