Meet Our Newest Rescue: Zorgon

Attention earthlings! We have some extraordinary news to share with you today. Our latest rescue is an alien pig!

Yes, you heard it right, an alien pig! Zorgon crash-landed on our sanctuary late last night, and we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw him. He looks just like a regular pig, except for the fact that he has green skin, three eyes, and six legs! We’ve never seen anything like Zorgon before, but we have decided to take him in and give him a new home at Odd Man Inn.

As with all new rescues, Zorgon or Zog, as we affectionately call him, is currently in quarantine. We already have an appointment scheduled with the University of Tennessee, so he can be neutered and become a verified Sanctuary Babe.

We’ve been in touch with NASA and some other space agencies to see if they know anything about Zorgon’s origin, but so far, no luck. It looks like we have a true mystery on our hands. 

We’re thrilled to have Zorgon as our latest rescue, and we’re already planning a special welcome party for him. We’re thinking about having a big vegan barbecue and inviting all of our supporters to come and meet our newest Sanctuary Babe. We’re also considering starting a crowdfunding campaign to help us build a special habitat for Zorgon, complete with a UFO-shaped barn and a zero-gravity swimming pool.

We’re thrilled to have Zog as our latest rescue, and we can’t wait to introduce him to the rest of the Gen Pop herd and see how they react to their new friend.

We know that this news might seem unbelievable, but we promise you that it’s not true! Happy April Fool’s Day! If you use the PROMO CODE Zorgon, you can get FREE SHIPPING on the Odd Man Inn store today!