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Meet Asher!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


Asher is one of the shy, sweet North Carolina boys. He’s a Yorkshire pig with a cute freckled pattern across both of his butt cheeks. He lives in the feral yards with Big Boss Charity’s crew, and his best friends are Ennis, Everett, Eli, Jedediah, and Harlan. On any given day, we must catch Asher very early for sunscreen and any medications, because he likes to spend long hours napping in the bottom of the Holler. His favorite treats are apples and peppermints.

The North Carolina Boys

The “North Carolina Boys” were a group of very rare survivors from the flooding of Hurricane Florence in 2018. When the Category 4 storm caused torrential rain and flooding, factory farm pigs were locked in the barns to drown. Our North Carolina boys were swept out of their prisons by the flood waters, and eleven of them were sent to live here in Tennessee. Factory farm males are typically slaughtered at 250-300 pounds, but our boys have been allowed to grow into their full maturity, which now has them all over 700 pounds. The largest of them is Eli, who is 960.