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Meet Baby Miracle!

Baby Miracle

Sex: Male


Baby Miracle is a mature female who lives in the Feral neighborhood. She was rescued along with her mother, Momma Miracle, and the pair was able to stay together to live out their lives–which is unfortunately a rarity in the world of farmed animals. Baby Miracle appears to always have a smirk of contentment on her face, likely because she enjoys her leadership position within her family and with her human caregivers. Like so many pigs who are bred to be large from a very young age, Baby Miracle has arthritis and takes daily medication. True to her nature, she determines when and how she’d like it! Baby Miracle was spayed as part of our effort to provide essential reproductive healthcare to female pigs, and upon her spay she was relieved of a plethora of reproductive tract abnormalities. Thanks to our skilled vet partners at UT, Baby Miracle’s spay allowed her to regain her health and reclaim her strong, assertive spirit.