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Meet Bernard!


Sex: Male


Bernard was a bonus rescue. We were contacted regarding intake of a young steer, and we had already agreed to take him under our care. During our discussions to plan his transport, the woman on the other end of the phone told us about a pig who had been living a solitary life in her kitchen. She’d saved him from being raised for slaughter when he was just a baby, and he had far outgrown her home. More importantly, she wanted him to have pig friends. Bernard was severely overweight and lonely when we arrived to pick him up, but it wasn’t because of wrong-doing. She simply didn’t realize what he actually needed to live a healthy, happy life.

Pigs are often misidentified as sluggish and lazy, and it turns out that’s not the norm. Bernard is a perfect example. Now that he’s a healthy weight, he trots all over the property during morning chores exploring his home and looking for mischief. Pigs do sleep a lot, but they are active and athletic during their waking hours, if they are given enough space to maintain their mobility. We obsess about weight here not because anyone believes in body shaming, but because animals who carry too much weight cannot live full and healthy lives. Bernard is now slim and trim, and he rocks his Sanctuary Babe life to the fullest!
Sidenote: We helped the steer, too. His name is Goose.