Odd Man Inn proudly presents its inaugural Homeowner’s Association PRESIDENT election!

Meet Charity!


Sex: Female


The Big Boss herself! Charity is an absolute force of nature. She’s one of the only pure feral pigs on the property, with coarse hair that makes for perfect camouflage and a leaner, sharper build. Don’t let her size fool you—though she’s smaller than most other breeds, Charity is a powerful girl. She’s the alpha of the feral yards and extremely possessive of anything that she considers her property, including her son Joey and the side-by-side. She basically owns the feral yards and spends a lot of her time in the holler. Charity won’t hesitate to charge if someone intrudes on her territory, and even the largest pigs are wary of getting too close to Baby Joey. Despite her fierce nature, Charity is a happy pig, and she’s pretty tolerant of people as long as they don’t cross her boundaries. She’s also a fierce napper, though all it takes is the sound of a vehicle to sound her internal snack alert. Her magnificence and intensity have made her the rightful face of our Feral and Fabulous t-shirts.