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Meet Bubo!


Sex: Male


When Bubo’s people were done with him as a breeder, they called a wolf sanctuary in Tenino, Washington for help. They offered him as “live prey” for the wolves to dispose of him. Thankfully, the sanctuary manager at Wolf Haven saw Bubo as the gentle, intelligent animal that he is, and she called OMI for help. She was personally involved in helping Bubo get to safety with us, and she is still involved with OMI today.

Bubo’s breed is called a KuneKune pig, which are known for being smaller and gentler on the land. They’re typically bred to be eaten. Bubo is best friends with two other medium-sized males named Dave and Gus. They’re best friends! When Bubo fell ill in 2023, we transported him to the University of Tennessee where he was diagnosed with meningitis. He’s had a long course of very effective therapy thanks to the knowledge shared with us from the small animal side of the hospital, which has far more experience with that disease process. Bubo has made a full recovery thanks to our vet team, and we’re grateful he’s able to continue enjoying his Sanctuary Babe life with us.