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Meet Chani!


Sex: Male


Chani, Stilgar, and Duncan Idaho came to us from a felony abuse and neglect case in Michigan. They’ve been passed around through many different homes looking for safety in the last few years–banding together as a family desperate for sanctuary. When we learned there was a family of three large bonded pigs, we knew they’d have a hard time finding a home. We accepted them into our care and started helping them heal. 

Chani is a huge mature female who needed to be spayed, and we addressed that immediately. When lady pigs are left unspayed, they are highly susceptible to painful masses, cancers and abnormalities that can have catastrophic consequences. She had extensive abnormalities in her reproductive organs, which were all resolved with a routine spay.

All three of the family members arrived with extensive skin cancer lesions and fungal infections. We are actively addressing each of their issues alongside our vet team at the University of Tennessee as they heal from their past experiences to achieve full Sanctuary Babe life!

The three pigs together have come to be known as the “Dune” pigs, as they were named in honor of the characters from the Frank Herbert novel that has become a blockbuster movie in theaters.