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Meet Clover!


Sex: Male


Clover and her five siblings are Meishan pigs, a breed known to be fairly amicable in nature, which has proven true with every Meishan we’ve met! Clover is a mature lady with characteristic floppy ears, and mostly black coloring, save for her pink “socks” and wide pink stripe down the center of her nose. Clover lives on Solsbury Hill, and enjoys basking in the sun mid-field, as well as in the woods behind her house. Like the rest of her siblings, Clover is fast to flop on her side when tummy rubs are on offer. She typically stays close to her sisters Dandelion, Violet and Periwinkle, but sleeps in a large house with lots of other pigs in her neighborhood. Clover and her sisters were all spayed in 2023 as part of our efforts to ensure every female receives the healthcare she deserves.