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Meet Irish!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


Irish is a beautiful Tamworth, and he was one of the 159 pigs surrendered to OMI when we moved to Tennessee and took over the herd in 2021. Tamworths are bred solely for human consumption. It’s a rare occasion that they are fortunate enough to find safety in a sanctuary home. Why would anyone rescue a pig instead of eating it? The common denominator in the rescue of ANY species is the same…someone cared enough to show compassion for another living being. 

Irish has a special girlfriend named Peppa. The two of them met here at their sanctuary home and they are inseparable. You can often see them lying together after breakfast at the edge of the holler…always lying in opposite directions. Prey animals have a tendency to lie this way to make sure they’re keeping a lookout for the Secret Snack wagon from every direction. Peppa is partial to the lady with bananas. Irish is a sucker for the peppermint man.