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Meet J-Lo!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


J-Lo is a mature female who has grown up on the property from a fairly young age. Like every rescue story, J-Lo’s started with a spark of compassion when her family completed the FFA program and were about to sell her at auction, but recognized she had a right to live safely and happily. As a young girl, J-Lo loved to explore the woods with her peers, hiking daily into the holler and returning to her house in the evenings. Being a Hampshire pig, J-Lo was bred in a way that predisposes her to joint problems at a young age. J-Lo was diagnosed with degenerative joint disease at the time that Odd Man Inn moved to Jamestown. She also suffered from a hoof infection that was addressed surgically by our vet partners at UT, who successfully fused her hoof joint. Preventive care is key to helping pigs like J-Lo live healthy lives. Not only does J-Lo receive regular hoof assessments and trims, but she also had the benefit of receiving preventive reproductive care by getting spayed at a young age. J-Lo has been living a fulfilled and happy life in the Medical Barn, which provides a balance of the social life she so enjoys with an easier terrain for her joints and feet. Joint challenges aside, she is still very much “Jenny from the Block”: independent, confident and with a happy-go-lucky spirit that puts a smile on her caregivers’ faces each day.