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Meet Martha!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


Martha is a breed of goat called a Toggenburg, who are primarily exploited for their milk production. In Martha’s case, she has the luxury of living in a sanctuary with her final two babies, Frankie and Raisin. Female mammals only produce milk when they have a natural need to feed their offspring, which also means that they must be impregnated over and over to continue producing that milk. Not unlike human mammals, milk production declines as offspring grow, and it also declines as females age. Those two things present a problem with “productivity” in the dairy industry, but the bigger problem is always figuring out how to dispose of the males. Even in situations where goats are being raised in homes that provide good care for their animals, it is an unsustainable practice to continue bringing more animals into the world. There are not enough good homes for the ones who are already in existence, and exploiting animals for what they “produce” always involves creating victims of that industry.

Martha has a gentle, sweet demeanor, which is most heartwarming when you see her snuggled with her boys. She has a tendency to want to lay in the hay feeder, and both boys will lay right next to her. It’s often said that farmed animals don’t care for their young after they’re born, but Martha is a clear example of how false and dangerous that marketing really is. Goat mothers love their kids for a lifetime, which is why we actively try to keep families together whenever possible.