Miss Cleo is our new HOA PRESIDENT. Stay Tuned for Results!!

Meet The Great Banzini!

The Great Banzini

Sex: Male


The Pantalones family came to live at OMI in the summer of 2023 after surviving a very traumatic abuse and neglect case in Iowa. The three pigs are Jose Pantalones, Miss Cleo, and the Great Banzini. The names were all selected as part of an idea that they were part of a traveling troupe of carnival talent, and we could not have named them more appropriately. The three of them are inseparable… and they’re always up to mischief! They’re up at dawn to start the shenanigans and they’re last to bed at dusk. They’re like children who love to play in tree forts and come home exhausted and dirty every evening. They’re living what we consider a quintessential pig life here in their beautiful, natural home.