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R.I.P. Princess 🕊️

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Princess was one of our tiny little old grandmas. She had a rough few years before we met her, and we did all we could to keep her comfortable. She didn’t ask for much… just a cozy bed with her friends and a couple of meals a day. She wasn’t cuddly with humans, and that was ok. She really just loved her pig people.

When elderly pigs start to decline, the change is often very subtle. As prey animals, they hide any ounce of weakness. We adjust meds when we see a limp. We alter sleeping arrangements. We decrease the need for big steps or slippery footing. We make sure any mud is controlled. We adjust temperatures. We gently coax them to move and eat. And when they have had enough, we honor that and peacefully help them pass.

We are very proud of the work we do here with our herd. Many of them have lived through some very difficult times, and it’s enormously satisfying to just see them feel relaxed. The passing is hard on us, but I truly believe it’s a place of final resting and peace for their souls. If there’s truly an afterlife, I want to see every one of them there when my turn comes. I imagine there will be a little parade of animal friends I know and love to greet me on the other side.