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R.I.P. Stymie 🕊️

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Helping pigs age gracefully is a tough assignment. There’s no winning against the arthritis that eventually calls them home. We try every trick possible, but age eventually wins. It’s not much different for us all.

Stymie was one of our old “curmudgeons”. He’s one of three we lost in the last few weeks to age. Stymie was a VERY hard one for us to identify when we took over this property in Tennessee two years ago. No distinguishing marks. Minimal photographs. He wasn’t cutely polka dotted. He wasn’t a bouncing baby. He was a plain old potbelly/feral mix with zero historical data documented.

Many of our pigs have survived their past to come here to live in peace… many of them have a rescue story that starts with Odd Man Inn. We try not to dwell on past trauma, but rather focus on the beauty of living in Sanctuary. Stymie had that chance, and that’s what mattered.