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R.I.P. Twiggy 🕊️

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Twiggy somehow injured her knee in the middle of the pasture two weeks ago. She destroyed one of the very important ligaments that holds it stable. In her younger years, we may have been able to consider surgery. However, her age came with terrible arthritis in every joint, and it wasn’t a humane option to put her through knee surgery. The pain was too much to ask her to endure. She couldn’t walk, and she was scared to be handled by humans. The trip to the University of Tennessee was very difficult, but we tried our best to get her what she needed. In the end, she needed to be euthanized to relive her pain, and we made that very difficult and compassionate decision for her.
As our herd ages in RAPID fashion, we are taking a very pragmatic approach to how we address death with all of you. We’re trying, anyway🥺 It’s a reality of this population and this species. Their bodies break down far earlier than their minds… and we cannot keep them in pain. It’s not in line with how we provide Sanctuary Babe care. While we miss them terribly, and the loss often feels unfair and painful, we will honor each of them as respected members of this community. We share as much as we possibly can to help people CONNECT with animals, and in some cases that means tapping into the very universal emotion of grief over losses loved ones.
Twiggy had a verrrrry minimal history when we took over, and it wasn’t very helpful. Whomever left her here years ago was long gone. Her rescue story for us started with Odd Man Inn, and we are proud to have been her family for the last two years… even if she never wanted a belly scritch, EVER!