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annual hoa election

Miss Cleo is our New HOA President!

We are thrilled to announce that Miss Cleo has WON the election, becoming the first-ever Homeowner’s Association President of Odd Man Inn! Her ‘Swamp Me Now’ campaign captured the hearts and votes of our community, leading to this momentous victory.

We extend our deepest gratitude to all the candidates, delegates, and supporters who participated in this historic election. Your enthusiasm and dedication have made this election a resounding success.

Thank You for Voting! Election Results Awaited. 🔔

The polls have closed, and the anticipation is building! Thank you to everyone who participated in this unique and exciting election at Odd Man Inn.

As we tally every vote with meticulous attention, the anticipation grows for the announcement of the first-ever Homeowner’s Association President of Odd Man Inn. Stay tuned for the official results.

The Sanctuary Babes, living in the safety of their “gated community,” deserve representation for the issues that matter to them the most.

Odd Man Inn is hosting the very first election of a Homeowner’s Association PRESIDENT!

Each neighborhood has appointed a delegate to represent serious issues in this sprawling pig community. The Ferals want a softer reputation. The Carpet houses want a new name. (Carpet houses? Seriously!) The Garden houses need more tomatoes. Solsbury Hill needs Pickleball. The Old Guys want exemption from sunscreen. EVERYONE wants a new Med Barn. And contraband swamps are the hottest ticket in town!

Meet the ILLUSTRIOUS Candidates!

Despite being part of the Pantalones family, each presidential candidate boasts a uniquely distinct platform. Hover over each candidate to reveal their campaign slogan, and if inspired, click their image to directly access their CAMPAIGN HQ!

How the HOA Presidential Election Works*

ALL THROUGH THE MONTH OF MARCH, you can vote to elect one of the three candidates for the first official HOA President of Odd Man Inn.

  • Vote with just a $5 donation.
  • Vote as many times as you like! And for one, two, or ALL the candidates and their platforms.
  • Voters are eligible to win prizes which will be selected randomly from all eligible votes casted.
  • The prize winners will be announced on the 1st, 8th, 15th, 22th, and 29nd of March during the FRIDAY NEWS BRIEF.*
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Meet the Neighborhood Delegates

Join us in Social Media world where delegates pose crucial questions to the candidates. Help the neighborhoods select the BEST Presidential candidate (or candidates, as you can vote for more than one) for their HOA with your votes!

Mr. Martini

Cabin House


Carpet Houses


WA/MN Neighborhood


The Old Guys


The Feral Neighborhood


The Med Barn


Garden Houses


Solsbury Hill

We need YOUR support!

Our FIRST fundraiser of 2024 is to help us build a very necessary Food Preparation Barn to remove that essential part of our operations from the old house on the property.

Your support of our election fundraiser will get us one step closer to getting OUT of the Sketchy House for good! The Tiny House has removed administration, clinic operations, and restroom facilities from the Sketchy House. We still have to remove animal food prep operations, storage, and laundry. MOST IMPORTANTLY, construction of this modest and functional food barn will also allow us to retain water and electric services while the SKETCHY house is finally torn down!!!

We’ll use this Cantina as a safe and functional Animal Caregiver Operations Central through the difficult next year of rebuilding. THIS is what we’re funding together during the first ever Odd Man Inn HOA Presidential Election season.

Frontier Delegates

Living beyond the conventional borders of the HOA, the Frontier Delegates, from the wild edges of the HOLLER, are demanding representation too. Help their voice be heard!

Daisy & Willy


The Press Corps

Our tabloid reporters are watching the candidates’ EVERY step. After all, no election is complete without a few SCANDALS…



The Election Commission

Our Election Commissioners, Goose and Popcorn, will be doing their best to keep things fair and moooo-ving smoothly!



* No purchase necessary to enter or win in the Odd Man Inn Animal Refuge “2024 Annual HOA Presidential Election.” Open to legal residents of the 50 US States & DC, 18 or older. Void where prohibited. The 2024 Annual HOA Presidential Election begins at 12:00:01 am Central Time (“CT”) on March 1, 2024 and ends at 11:59:59 pm CT on March 31, 2024. For Official Rules, which govern, click here. Sponsor: Odd Man Inn Animal Refuge.