We proudly adopt domestic animals into loving forever homes where they are allowed to live a natural life of safety and peace. We require secure housing and fencing, and we ask for your commitment to their health and well-being for the entirety of their lives.


Adopt Don't Shop

While it is considered standard in modern culture to adopt homeless dogs and cats, many people don’t realize the same thinking applies to farmed animals. They can live many years with proper care, but a vast majority don’t get that opportunity. Our mission is for them.

While we advocate for adoptions whenever possible, an adoption from Odd Man Inn ensures:

  • All animals are “rescues” seeking a fresh start
  • Animals have received professional veterinary medical care
  • All biosecurity work has been completed
  • Spays and neuters have been completed when appropriate
  • Meet your new family member here in a relaxed environment
  • We provide mentoring for adoptive families as needed

Adoption Form

There are more homeless, abused, and neglected farm animals than we could possibly count. If you have space in your home to help animals, please choose adoption of an adult animal in need.