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Popcorn as a baby

Dairy cows hold a special place in our hearts after losing Darla last year. The magnitude of exploitation and abuse involved in the dairy industry is incomprehensible… no matter the size or quality of the farm. Popcorn is a Jersey cow. Being born a male, he’s considered a “byproduct” of the dairy industry. Males are removed from their mothers immediately after birth so that their mother’s milk may be used for human consumption. They are either raised as veal calves or fattened for slaughter as low grade hamburger. Popcorn was purchased at an auction by humans who thought he could live in their family room. When that didn’t work for them, they put him on Facebook for free. He then found himself in a home that raises cattle for slaughter, but the women of the house lobbied for his freedom. They saved his life by sending him to live here.


He lives with us in safety and peace with his big buddy, Goose. Both are mischievous and playful. They love to eat… A lot. They love to be snuggled and brushed. They’re what are typically called “grass puppies”, though we believe all cows deserve that title. They want for nothing in terms of good quality hay, shelter, medical care, and companionship here, but we are looking for a HOME for these “brothers” to live in peace as ambassadors for their kind. We believe every animal is adoptable and deserves a forever home of their very own. If you adopt animals from us, we can help more in need!

Interested in adopting Popcorn and Goose to be a part of your family? Please email Wendy@oddmaninn.org