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Why Wildlife Rehabilitation?

In July 2020, Odd Man Inn became a licensed wildlife rehabilitation facility in the state of Washington. We trained for 18 months and over 1000 hours under the instruction of Dr. Jean Cypher at Rowena Wildlife Clinic in Mosier, OR. The experience gained by working elbow to elbow with a wildlife veterinarian has been invaluable. 

In keeping our eyes open the last 5 years for how we can serve both animals and our community, wildlife rehab felt like a natural addition to our mission. Though a vast majority of our facility is dedicated to domestic animal rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption, we discovered that our region is in desperate need of trained individuals to help with wildlife. The training is almost as intense as the rules governing wildlife rehabilitation. The commitment needed to get through the licensing process was more than we anticipated… but here we are.

Our work here involves not only helping as many animals as possible, but we pride ourselves in being a place where folks can receive education based on science and fact. People make their own choices after we present the data. If we love the beauty of nature and all the animals she supports, then we are already on the side of the animals. If we marvel at sighting an eagle by a stream or a bear and her cubs, then we’re already on the side of the animals. If we giggle at the cuteness of racoons and stop traffic for baby goslings, then we’re already on the side of the animals. 

Helping humans connect the dots is easy when we acknowledge that we want to protect natural habitats for wildlife. If we’re on the side of the wild animals, then we’re already on the side of the domestics, as well. Animal agriculture hurts the environment. Animal agriculture hurts wild animals. It’s that simple.

Why wildlife rehabilitation? Because we will use every possible avenue to help humans connect the dots. Our everyday choices DO matter for the animals… for our health… and for the planet.


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