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Meet Frances!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


Frances was abandoned by her family to roam the streets of rural Campbell County, TN. The community cared for her to some degree, but the sheriff was eventually called because she was sleeping in the local cemetery. Instead of doing any number of things that could have made Frances “go away”, the Sheriff had his deputies build her a house on county land. Those folks took care of Frances for two years…feeding her leftovers and making sure she had bedding in her little house. She was alone, but she was safe.

When the Sheriff was not re-elected, the team called us for help. They needed a home for Frances. She came to us morbidly obese and mechanically blind, which meant she was scared and confused. After nearly a year of healthy dieting and gentle socialization, we’re so pleased to say she has been spayed and will soon be evaluated for an eyebrow lift to help her regain her sight. Recovery from past lives takes a very long time in most cases, but OMI Sanctuary Babe life is a reality for every animal that crosses our path.