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Meet Henry!


Sex: Male


Henry started his life as a beloved pet and that sadly lasted a very short time. When we found him, it was through a woman who was giving him emergency placement. He’d lost his original home, and she was doing her best. She contacted us emergently because Henry had been attacked by stray dogs in her neighborhood, and she couldn’t afford to get him to the vet. We accepted Henry into our care and immediately drove him to the University of Tennessee. They cleaned him up, stitched his wounds, and he came home to live at OMI. 

Henry had never lived with a pig friend before arrival to OMI, and he spent his quarantine and recovery time with another emergency medical intake named Bruce. The two boys bonded, and they’re now officially a pair. Pigs are herd animals who really need a friend of the same species to achieve the right level of mental well-being. They crave companionship. Medical needs take priority during intake, but we always consider the importance of helping animals find the right level of emotional wellness, too.