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Meet Hooper!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


Hooper was listed online as “free pig to any home.” He is one of the OMI originals from Washington. When we arrived to collect him, we found Hooper had been living in a chain link dog run by himself for many years. He was so overweight that he couldn’t see, and he was a pretty ferocious biter. We took Hoops home to help him lose weight over the next year, and he had surgery to lift his forehead out of his eyes. His vision still isn’t great, and he still thinks it’s funny to bite, but he’s living a very normal, happy pig life with his man-family, the Floydlings. Hooper enjoys simple pleasures like a back scratch, but only on HIS terms. He loves to sunbathe and wander the Med Barn courtyard when the weather is right. We respect his space and always warn newcomers about his tendency to nip your ankles when you’re not looking!