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Meet Jinx!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


Hocus Pocus and Jinx were passed around many times before landing at Odd Man Inn when we were still based in Washington. They started at a sanctuary home who adopted them out to a local woman who became ill and unable to care for them. The initial sanctuary closed down that same year, which left these little pink brothers nowhere to go. We helped the sick woman rehome all of her other animals (sheep, goats and birds), but there is rarely a safe and appropriate home for small skittish pigs. The only safe option was to come home to OMI. 

These two are very bonded, and they’re rarely seen apart. They’re very nervous by nature, and we do all we can to help them tolerate handling. Very few of our pigs need sedation for hoof and tusk care, but these boys do! They go in twice a year for spa appointments at the University of Tennessee, which is the safest and calmest way to manage their care. Hocus and Jinx are part of the Washington/Minnesota neighborhood, and they are best friends with two of our Washington originals–Thug Muffin and Black Betty. They’re an adorable example of how pigs of all breeds can live together as Sanctuary Babes.