Miss Cleo is our new HOA PRESIDENT. Stay Tuned for Results!!

Meet Jolene!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


Jolene was part of a criminal neglect and cruelty case in Washington State that was prosecuted and won in 2018. The entire family was starving in a mud pit of filth and excrement. OMI partnered with Pasado’s Safe Haven to help bring every animal to safety that day, and the abusers were taken to trial and convicted. OMI brought 8 pigs to safety that day, and they still live here with us in Tennessee today.

Jolene survived a very serious spinal infection in 2020, which was successfully treated by the University of Pennsylvania’s New Bolton Center. She is a dominant Alpha female in her herd of pigs, and she lives here with her entire family. Her partner is Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Man. Her children are Thug Muffin, Black Betty, Sweet Tea, Sideways, Rambo, and Riggle.