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Meet Jude!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


We met Jude when we took over the Tennessee property in 2021. She’s a sweet little potbelly who rarely makes a sound. Her vision isn’t great, and prey animals who have compromised senses are usually very cautious of anything unfamiliar. She lives in the Med Barn with a small herd of pigs, and we try to respect her need for a routine in order to feel safe. Like most pigs, her favorite activities are meal time, sunbathing, and snuggling her friends in the safety of their cozy little house. Like all our females, Jude was spayed last year, and we anticipate she can live a long happy life into her teens because of that essential part of preventative healthcare. She was one of the 54 girls we spayed on arrival to the Tennessee property, and she is in much better health because of it.