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Meet Kiwi!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Female


Kiwi is a beautiful, mature pig with mostly black coloring except for the white band around her shoulders and upper arms that’s characteristic of her breed. She also has white back legs which sort of make it look as though she’s wearing high-water pants. Kiwi’s snout is pink and black, and she shows off her warm brown eyes with her pro side-eye glances. While Kiwi is a bit shy of humans, she has a tight group of female pig friends, including Wynken, Blynken, Easter, Scarlett Knox, & Sasha. Kiwi lives on the west side of the property in the “Carpet house” neighborhood and spends warm days in the woods bordering the pasture she calls home. She’s always game for a good contraband roadside swamp, much to her caretakers’ dismay. Kiwi was one of the fifty-four females we spayed on arrival to Tennessee in our efforts to get every female the healthcare she deserves.