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Meet Ladyfinger!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


Ladyfinger is a mature female who lives in the Old Guys neighborhood. When Ladyfinger was found along with her friend, Lucky Macaroon, she was pregnant. She had the rare good fortune of giving birth to her nine babies in safety. The babies were each adopted out to other homes, and Ladyfinger and Lucky Mac were brought to Jamestown to live out their lives. The epitome of “go with the flow,” Ladyfinger carries herself with an easygoing confidence in her interactions with both pig and human peers. She enjoys when the hoof chute comes to her neighborhood since it so often comes with peppermint snacks. Even if it means she’s in the chute for some routine hoof care, Ladyfinger takes the win! When she was spayed in early 2023, our vet partners at UT were able to relieve Ladyfinger of a host of reproductive tract issues. An example of why spaying is an essential component of preventive reproductive healthcare for all female pigs, Ladyfinger should continue to enjoy a life of true leisure with her family for quite some time.