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Meet Lucky Macaroon!

Lucky Macaroon

Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


Lucky Macaroon was one of the 159 pigs surrendered to OMI when we moved to Tennessee and took over the herd in 2021. When large breed pigs like Lucky Mac are found wandering the street, posts go up online looking to turn them into bacon in an instant. It’s terribly sad to see the side of humanity that sees animals in trouble and leans into their desire to hurt them even further. That was the case with Lucky Macaroon. He was a stray, and he was wandering the streets with his pregnant girlfriend, Ladyfinger. In a rare and wonderful act of compassion, people chose to help these two and their babies find safe homes. Ladyfinger and Lucky Mac came to live here. 

Interestingly, these two have chosen over the years to sleep in different houses with different pig friends. It’s not all that unlike our own human species; relationships change and evolve over time. While they definitely know one another and don’t have any ill will that we can see, they have gone through a very amicable pig divorce and wish one another all the best.