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Meet Louie!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


Louie is a classic potbelly pig. He’s a gentle sweetheart with a side of sass. He was taken from an animal shelter in Olympia, WA by an animal lover who wanted to help him, but had no way to provide for him herself. She reached out to OMI for help. While that person is now long gone, Louie remains safely under our care here in Tennessee. 

The commitment to caring for pigs comes at a hefty price. We see the story over and over again that animals are the victims when humans simply refuse to honor the amount of time and energy required to do right by them. Pigs are smart and strong. They require safe structures, enrichment, pig friends, healthy food and very highly skilled professional vet care. It’s no easy task. Instead of taking home a pig of your own, please consider virtually adopting a pig who needs your support in the safety of a sanctuary setting.