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Meet Luna Rose!

Luna Rose

Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


Luna is an independent, confident lady who has lived here as a Sanctuary Babe since she was a baby. Born in 2019 and rumored to be discarded as the runt of a litter, Luna now enjoys exploring the holler with her friends, which is where she can be found almost any day of the year. Her streak of sassiness means that Luna will answer when called, but always has better things to do unless a treat is involved. She has a regular crew of friends who she roams with, but her favorite friend is Journey. The two girls arrived around the same time, and they have grown up together. They spend most days wandering the holler together in search of the best nap spots, and they routinely snuggle with their big friend, L.J. Luna can be distinguished fairly easily by her very large ears and smaller build compared to the other Yorkshires. She typically sleeps in the neighborhood known as “the Cabin House”, and she often prefers sleeping outside under the lovely awning on the front of the house.