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Meet Melvin!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


A sanctuary is supposed to be a safe place for animals, which makes Melvin’s survival story even more poignant. His former home was a Washington sanctuary that allowed dogs to live with pigs, and Melvin was brutally attacked. The property owner was not willing to help Melvin get more than basic farm vet care, which was sorely inadequate. We discovered Melvin by accident while we were making a delivery to this place. He was injured and sick and in extraordinary pain. It sadly took us a week to convince the humans to allow him to get a higher level of care, and we took Melvin immediately to Oregon State. His leg was mangled beyond repair, and he lost it. His ears had been ripped off. He had infected wounds and pneumonia. The doctors got to work immediately to ease his pain and fix his injuries.

Melvin now lives a very normal life with us in Tennessee. Being a tripod limits how far he can comfortably roam, but he manages that limitation with ease in our Med Barn. He is bright and gregarious. He loves attention. He loves gentle scratches and Secret Snacks. Melvin is now living a very safe and pampered life with his tiny herd of lady pig friends, and he’s the king of his own little castle.