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Meet Momma Peaches!

Momma Peaches

Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


Momma Peaches lives with her children in the Solsbury Hill neighborhood. She was rescued from a breeder who thought she could no longer have babies, but it turned out Peaches was indeed pregnant. She had the good fortune of giving birth safely in a sanctuary for potbelly pigs. When the babies were about five months old, the family of seven was brought to Jamestown to live out their lives in a space more suitable for large pigs. 

Momma Peaches began her life on this property in Spring 2019 along with Siobhan, Gretchen, JennyLynn, Ichabod, Yoda and Logan. Logan sadly passed within a year, but there are no records on his cause of death. Peaches was reportedly a fiercely protective and doting mother from the start, and that remains true to this day. The family is so united that they are lovingly dubbed The Peachlets. Momma Peaches is also a self-designated matron of her neighborhood, with younger pigs deferring to her and also trying to join the Peachlet family. Momma P can often be found with one or more of her children during warm days resting pondside in the holler, and the family sleeps together at night along with their adopted neighborhood siblings.