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Meet Siobhan!


Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


Siobhan is one of the Peachlets, five siblings who are the children of Momma Peaches. Like her sister, JennyLynn, Siobhan is a redhead, with beautiful deep red hair coloring. Her left ear is distinctively crinkled, but it doesn’t seem to affect her hearing. Siobhan is a mature, quiet female, who enjoys spending her days hillside by the pond with her family. She curiously approaches people, but it seems her curiosity is only for potential snacks, as she quickly leaves her admirers in the dust if there are none! 

The Peachlets

The Peachlets, led by their mother, Momma Peaches, are a close-knit family living in the Garden House and Solsbury Hill neighborhood in Gen Pop. Rescued from a breeder and brought to safety just before giving birth, Momma Peaches has raised her children–Siobhan, Gretchen, JennyLynn, Ichabod, Yoda and the late Logan–with fierce protectiveness and love. Since Spring 2019, they’ve made their home in Jamestown, and the family remains united, often seen relaxing together pondside or sleeping in a cozy pile with other neighborhood pigs.