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Meet Sid the Swamp Pig!

Sid the Swamp Pig

Sex: Male


Sid was found as a stray by the Kitsap Humane Society in Washington State. Local dog and cat shelters like this often take in stray farmed animals and have no choice but to put them into a a typical kennel surrounded on all sides by barking dogs. Sid was fortunate in this instance that the shelter found him a foster home until they could permanently place him. We arrived in our Honda element to pick up what we thought looked like a small guinea hog, and what we discovered was quite different. His breed is called a Mangalitsa, which is also known as a Hungarian sheep pig. They’re huge pigs with long curly hair. Sid wasn’t fully grown, but he was already 400 pounds of floof. Needless to say, we had to go back home and get a truck and trailer. Sid has grown into a huge sweetheart who lives with his favorite crew of Washington original pigs. He’s a rototiller of a pig… a master swamp maker… and he carries a continuous assortment of twigs and dirt in his fancy hairdo. Sid is one of only two Mangalitsas we have on the property. The other one is white, and her name is Annabelle.