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Meet Thomas!


Sex: Male


Thomas and Teddy were rescued by the good folks at Chicagoland Pig Rescue from a very disturbing backyard breeding situation. Both boys were considered “runts” and were being left to fend for themselves, which would have ended disastrously for them. They were sickly and spent many months in a foster home recovering from their illnesses before coming to Odd Man Inn. Quarantine is a very important part of safe intake for new animals, and it is mostly important to protect the existing herd. Our protocol is a mandatory 30 days of strict isolation to allow the new animals time to decompress from the stress of transport and show us any signs of illness that need to be managed. Quarantine is typically a time when we do spays and neuters, vaccinations, deworming, hoof and tusk care and lots of healthy nutrition. It’s a time of healing, rest and observation. 

Thomas and Teddy are now a part of our Gen Pop herd of pigs, and they live their new life with abandon! They’re intelligent and curious members of the family who have been welcomed into the herd with ease. Youngsters are typically a little easier to integrate because the older pigs do not see them as a threat to the hierarchy. They’re a joy to watch in the pasture as they explore their space and make their task lists for the day…eat, swamp, sleep, repeat.