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Meet Wild Daisy!

Wild Daisy

Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


Wild Daisy is an elderly feral pig who is distinctly all white, down to her long lashes. She was the first pig on the Tennessee property to be spayed by Odd Man Inn in the Spring of 2021, and for good reason: Daisy was showing outward signs of reproductive health problems, and was found to have cancerous masses during her spay. Thankfully, Daisy has been healthy ever since her spay, and each day, she goes about her routine of trotting from feed trough to feed trough during meal time, eating a few bites from each one. Daisy is curious and approaches people, mostly to see if there are any snacks available, but will accept scritches and belly rubs if she has some time to relax. Daisy’s partner is Wild Willy, and it seems that Daisy calls the shots in their relationship. They choose to sleep on a hillside down to the holler, and each have their own small house. Daisy prefers sleeping quarters separate from her beloved partner (the working theory is he might be a snorer!).