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Meet Wild Willy!

Wild Willy

Age: Unknown

Sex: Male


Willy is currently our oldest animal resident on the property. He’s a wild-born feral who was rescued at a young age at another facility. A true Feral in build, Wild Willy has a fit, lean, compact frame, with a powerful, long swooping snout, bright, discerning eyes and black hair peppered with some gray. A doting partner to Wild Daisy, Willy trails behind Daisy as she trots from Bus Stop to Bus Stop during mealtime. It seems that Willy is never allowed to enjoy a snack without Daisy’s assertion that she should eat first! Willy and Daisy carved out their own little exclusive residence and sleep on a hillside down to the holler. After finding Willy asleep outside his and Daisy’s house, caregivers realized that Daisy prefers sleeping quarters separate from her beloved partner, and they installed another house facing Daisy so that the two can enjoy close but separate beds during cold or wet weather.